The status quo is currently doing everything we can to be outstanding. In university application forms, the quest for prospective students to be outstanding is daunting. With Ivy League institutions having spaces available for only individuals who have been truly remarkable in academic as well as community service and extra curricula activities. Individuals with prominent standing in these areas have been favoured over ‘regular’ individuals. However, what society has failed to consider is that being outstanding is just as much a difficulty as blending in.

The chameleon is admired for its ability to fit in to its environment. The octopus has been known to have the same techniques for protecting itself against threats. While we must be conscious of originality, certain situations require the skills to “blend in.” The CIA and Federal Bureau of the United States have a history of training individuals to “blend in” to a character required for an operation and for survival in it. “Blending” is one of the skills required as a make up artists — being able to bring all those facials together and “justify” them is what makes a make up valid. I recently searched for the need to be outstanding In life on my google chrome, and topping the list was “What you can do to be great in life.” Blending In, is just as mental developing as standing out, and just as much what one can do to be great in life.

I learned the importance of blending in during the early months of my service year, when I was posted to a State very different from mine in terms of culture. It took a while to blend into the society, but not until I did, It was terror for me. While we encourage ourselves and strive to be outstanding wherever we find ourselves, learning to blend in to certain valid norms to increase productivity in a particular field or task is necessary for survival.