I am out of numbers to count how many times I’ve been asked that question. Up until this year, I used to think I didn’t exactly have friends (ouch ! That hurt — please forgive me people). I began to understand friendship while watching my sister and her group of friends — Ugbeghaa, Blessing, Ellena, Uju and Adesua. These girls have managed to expand their friendship from time to family (their parents and siblings are basically distant friends now). Through laughs and all they’ve been strong. They’ve had their grievances but have been able to table it maturely.

I use to doubt my ability to keep friends because somehow, I’d always been friends with the wrong people (people that I was willing to make relationships work with but who weren’t willing same). 2018 is only halfway through and I’ve learned that I have the most amazing people in my life. I wish I could give a full list on here but I may leave out some people and it’d hurt me more than it’d ever hurt them. From my sister’s (Favour’s) bond with her friends, and what the many amazing people in my life have shown me this year, I have come to understand a great deal about friendship. This year, I received betrayal in the worst forms it can exist from two people I’d considered friends. It’s helped me reflect on relationships and how they can affect our psychological and emotional well being. I’ve decided that shutting people out for the sins of people before them, is just as unfair as letting people in to use them as experiment. The importance of being there for people cannot be over emphasized. If you can’t be a friend, let people be. A friend is one of the nicest things you can be. I love you, thank you for being my friend.

Everyday I meet new people and I have opened to the possibility of them staying, you can too.