My mother got a call from the office yesterday and she was not smiling about it. You see, for the first time in almost three years, she is on her annual leave. They always ask her to sit out the leave and promise her pay that they never fulfil. So when she got the call that morning about a letter that had been left for her by the Polytechnic’s management, she was not having it. “I am not resuming, this can’t keep happening.” She said. I nodded. There was no way I was going to let her resume either — I have seen how she works in that place and 30 working days is a small break for more than 1,095 days! Even on Sunday mornings, my mum gets work related calls. We agreed that I was going to get the letter to her.

I got to the Polytechnic, soaked to my teeth. The rains in Rivers State do not know when to pause, them no sabi sister. I decided to rest a bit in my office when one of my mother’s colleagues came to ask if I had gone for my mother’s letter.

I walked to the office of my mum’s colleague whom we had been told had the letter. The lady dipped her hand into her drawer and brought out a very small bundle of 500 naira notes and handed them to me. I stood puzzled before her. “I was asked to get a letter.” I said quietly. She shook her head. “I didn’t say anything about a letter.”

I smiled as I folded the notes into my bag. My mother would certainly smile about this. When I got home, I broke the news to her. She kept asking, “What did they say the money is for?” I told her they’d given the sum to everyone at her office and she was part of it. She was happy for the money but kept bothering about the reason though.

“You jump to conclusions way too fast.”

My face was red with anger. I do not jump to conclusions, talk more of getting fast on the bus. He said to ask a few people who I know would be sincere and I asked one. She agreed with him. I had to reflect on the times that I had had conversations with people — I know I am slow to make assumptions so I was wondering where this new identity was coming from. While I still think I don’t jump to conclusions easily, I think I may have given them that perspective, and if I actually do, maybe it’s because my mum also does 😂.

It’s okay to want to connect the dots and know why and how the story ends, but it’s okay to enjoy the process too. Reaching decisions on conclusions made in a haste can be very disadvantageous to us. Imagine if my mum refused to get the letter because she thought it was a call back to work? Assumptions are great for science but in real life, you’ve got to keep them aside.