Spoiler alert : relationship post, brace yourself! 😏😏

Hello there 🙂. It’s been quite a while I wrote on here. I’ve had a very busy past few months but I’ve definitely found time to read and that’s what’s been good about these months. I was going through a book that gives directives on the difference between written and spoken English and I came across the meaning of the word ‘sentence’.

Most of us were taught while growing up that a sentence is a group of words strung together that make complete sense but I was awed by the definition the book gave – a sentence is SELF SUFFICIENT.

“We meet to part, and part to meet again”Anonymous Relationships are compulsory in life. We don’t ask for most of them. We are born into families (relationships). We have neighbours where we live – even if we might not know them except by the familiarity of the street we share but you know what? relationships are formed. We end up in school, have classmates – just people we share a classroom with, maybe not all of them are our friends but then we share common routines when we are in the school environment by timetable, what do you know? Relationships!

Sometimes we get too attached to people – perhaps a friend, love interest of just someone we think our life wouldn’t be perfect without. A friend wrote to me once, “I can live without you but I’ve decided to live my life with you in it.” It was one of the most wonderful thoughts I’d read around that time. Someone had actually agreed they were self sufficient without my presence but still made a decision to have me.

People are going to come into your life as much as they go out – next month, next year, tomorrow, today and even the next second. Sometimes the exits are going to be strikingly more than the entrances but then sweetheart, you need to learn to be self sufficient and stand on your own. You’re a sentence all by yourself and you don’t need anyone to complete you. You don’t have to punish yourself because someone left. When you’re self sufficient, you control your happiness, you decide what pace your relationships with people go. You don’t hide under people’s tags on your worth. No Darling, sentences are complete! They wear punctuation marks if they must and shout out. They appear in capitals if they want and make a statement. They go all out, do what they want … and best of all, they make paragraphs (wonderfullife stories). Go out there and be yourself – self sufficient!

Dear sentence, go on out and make a statement!-Irene I. IkirikoP.S. would you rather prefer I share videos and talk about these posts from time to time or the write-ups solely? Leave your thoughts. I love you.