This is my first post in 2018. This is because I’m learning to open gifts slowly — I know that it doesn’t change what I get in the box, but I’m hoping that the excitement and suspense makes me cherish the gift more.

I’ve looked forward to this year for a while (not 2018 per say but the age I’ll be in the year) and now that it’s here, I don’t know if those plans I made several years ago for it hold water.

First things first. It’s 5/365 and I’m breathing — I thank the Lord for that , considering how sick I was when the last year ended. I have people around me that make me feel like one of the gods and that is one of the most amazing feelings in life.

This year, I hope to work with you more than ever. I am not a team player — never have been. I remember I used to say, “When you want to see how bad I can fail, put me in a group.” I’m willing to change that because it goes against my messages of working together for a greater good. I feel a lot older (not because I’m adding another year but) because I feel I’ve learnt a lot than I have my entire life in a space of two months. You should never stop learning — you die when you do.


Because change is the only constant thing in life, and because living is a function of adaptation; asides working with you, my blog will now entertain very few lifestyle posts. I’ll call them lifestyle posts for now until I’m sure of what I want to call them — they’ll be for learning important things about our world. As I learn about them, I write about them and you tell me if you already know about them and we learn together !
In addition, we will be having short video clips along with the gospel/inspirational posts. My email address will always be at your disposal for questions, suggestions and the rest. And just maybe this year, my blog might host its first round table discussion (the thought gives me great joy, I hope you feel the same way?) I can’t wait to start our partnership. Happy new year and thank you for being here.