My life, and in fact, every human’s life has been a rollercoaster of #MannequinChallenges and fast-smooth sails at one point or the other. There have been months in my life that I have felt that nothing could stop me from achieving my dreams, and there have been months where I have felt like the world was moving too fast and my life was on pause. If you’re reading this, truth is, you are surely going through the former, or the latter and I’d like to let you know that it’s normal to have high and not-so-high moments in life.

The first place I learned that those dolls in front of clothing stalls and boutiques were called mannequins was in my JSS1 French literature. In 2016, the #MannequinChallenge became more than just a #hashtag, you had to at least have heard the song — Families used it as a get-together game, Friends had laughs over it, the internet buzzed with competitions about it. It wasn’t a new thing, but perhaps the pizzazz of a new name and song to go with it, made it quite famous than the change your style game of the average Nigerian’s childhood.

This year, I’ve had the worst #MannequinChallenge in a long time — perhaps not the worst, but considering how last year went for me, this year began on high notes and just somehow somersaulted to a low bass. There were times I wished to at least have a peek into my future, to know if everything was worth fighting for, but then I have resigned to the impossibility of that. There are days when the challenges and pauses will be too, too long and these are the days where you have to breathe in, and reflect on all that brought you there, to that moment. Like everyone had fun with the #MannequinChallenge, you could have fun and grow while you wait for the ‘unfreeze.’ Truth is, there are no standstill moments. Scientists say that the Interphase — the first phase of cell division though may look like a resting phase for the lay man, is a phase where the cell replicates, synthesises DNA and actually starts growth of cell organelles. Bask in your Interphase, because what you think is a pause, might actually be your growth phase.