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  • Blood cry

    I cried blood this year. Before I go on to tell you how it happened, we will hit on some history. ‘If I beat you ehn, you’ll cry blood’ The warning above is one of the major threats Nigerians

  • Love-hate Relationship

    ‘I totally hate Mathematics!’ Nine year old me shrieked, throwing my school bag on one the couches in the sitting room. My mother stood in front of me, hands akimbo laughing. ‘You hate

  • Him

    I didn’t have my first crush like most people my age already had, until I was almost done with secondary school. It is perhaps because I fell in love at a very tender age — I was barely 4. I will

  • Wolf!

    Sometime last year, on my way to the saloon I boarded a taxi. I was the only one occupying the front seat and two women occupied the back seat. One was a lot older than the other. The older one

  • Gone cold

    One of my sisters shared an experience she had in Lagos, Nigeria with me some months ago. She was returning from work one sunny afternoon, when a very small boy in school uniform approached her. He

  • Happy Easter

    Easter does not just remind me that the Lord Jesus died to save me from sin, but that He LIVES and so there is HOPE for mankind. I hope this short video clip touches your life as it did mine ????.

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