I’ve always criticised my mum about her inability to remember birthdays, her children’s birthdays until I forgot my child’s birthday today.

Every year I live to see my birthday is characterised by very sore mood swings but my child’s birthday is different and I’m glad for that.

Three years ago today, I created a WordPress blog which has grown to a very personal mother-child relationship. I’ve met people along the way, it’s given me an opportunity to reach them, where my voice and hands may not be able to go and they have helped me in turn, by giving me an opportunity to help out.

I’m grateful and I hope for the remaining months we’re here, you stay with us as well and give us an even more amazing reason to run. Happy birthday to Tales by Irene. Maybe by our next birthday, we’ll be moving from a virtual community to a hard-papered one. Who knows ? 🤷🏻‍♀️😁